Bucks County Counseling - Quakertown Drug and Alcohol Treatment

If you think you or a loved one may have a problem with alcohol or drugs, or if you are required by your employer or local/state agency, the first action to take is a phone call for a clinical screening or clinical assessment.

Clinical Screening

A clinical screening is a preliminary gathering and sorting of information used to determine if an individual has a problem with alcohol or other drug abuse, can benefit from treatment, and whether a detailed clinical assessment is appropriate. In addition, the screening process can suggest treatment options for an individual based on their level of immediate need, discuss financial considerations, and provide guidance and referral if necessary. A clinical screening can be done over the phone or in person.

At Bucks County Counseling, we do not charge for a Clinical Screening. Please feel free to call our Professional Counselor directly at (215) 921-1810.

Clinical Assessment

A clinical assessment is the collection of detailed information concerning one's mental, emotional and physical health, social roles, and other areas that may shed light on the severity of mental health issues as a basis for identifying an appropriate treatment. The clinical assessment is performed by trained treatment professionals. The primary purpose of clinical assessment is to develop a picture of the client's mental health history, social and psychological functioning, and general treatment needs. With the benefit of this detailed portrait, the treatment program can prepare an appropriate clinical response. Together, the client and the clinician determine the changes that the client wants to make. The recommendations of the assessment are reviewed with the client, who then decides whether to consent to treatment.

At Bucks County Counseling, we do not assume any diagnosis exists when people contact us for help. Our expert mental health assessment process provides an accurate diagnosis if appropriate, along with recommendations for follow-up care.

Both residential and outpatient evaluations are available depending on the needs of the individuals.